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Fundamentals Accelerating Home Values In 2018

Many of our clients are asking where home values are likely to go from here.   Is the real estate market ready to take a breather, or worse, are we entering another bubble? With home prices nationally above or near all time highs, it’s rational to exercise caution and pause before making a decision to enter the housing market; or making the decision to sell and move up to your dream home.  Before we prognosticate the future, let’s take a look … Read more

Tax Reform and its Potential Impact on Housing

Disclaimer: This guide is not meant to be a resource for tax advice but instead a resource for basic information concerning only certain aspects of the new tax code and how they may impact the real estate market. You should get tax advice from your accountant or tax preparer who will explain how the entire tax code will affect your personal return. This information comes immediately after the new tax code became law. Some of the information may be revised … Read more

October Team Scorecard

Each month we pause to reflect on the Fairway Branch Score Card to see how we are doing operationally and where we can improve. We practice this discipline because we literally exist to treat others as we would have them do unto us if our roles were reversed. Now that might sound a little funny if you are not familiar with our team or our company, but we truly believe there is a more exciting and rewarding accomplishment beyond making … Read more

Solutions and Service

What makes Utah Physician Home Loans different? We offer solutions.  Our specialized and highly trained underwriters, processors and originators underwrite to your specific situation to solve the different issues and challenges that Utah physicians face when qualifying for a home loan. We provide first class service to our physician clients.  We understand that you have a very heavy work and stress load, if you add a complicated mortgage process on top of it all, it can be overwhelming.  We make … Read more

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