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Worried You Won’t Be Treated Well When Getting a Mortgage?

We get it. There are so many horror stories of docs moving with all their possessions in a truck – only to find out the home they thought would be theirs was not going to close because of a last minute decline. We’ve got your back, and we know the ins and outs of working with physicians and dentists to make sure it all goes as planned. But don’t take our word for it. Read what one of our recent … Read more

5 Homebuying Myths Exposed

In a survey conducted by Wells Fargo in June of this year called, “How America Views Homeownership” it was found that, “Americans still view homeownership as an achievement to be proud of and many believe that now is a good time to buy a home.” Although the majority of Americans have a desire to own their own home, many surveyed gave answers that suggest they may not be aware of all the options available to them for buying a home. … Read more

Construction Loans Made Easy!

Our friend and colleague Emily Osguthorpe Moore talks about construction loans in her latest newsletter. Since we get lots of questions about the financing to build a new home we thought we’d share what she wrote. Emily is a great Realtor and is expert at guiding her clients through the construction process. If you are contemplating building your dream home, please watch the short video below and call with any questions, or click the chat link above and we’re happy … Read more

U.S. Interest Rates Could Head Significantly Lower!

What a summer it has been! Zander is approaching his 4th birthday and the kid is getting scary big. It is so weird having another man (all be it, a little man) roaming your home. The kid looks like he’s 7 years old; it’s truly scary how fast they grow. Z-Man starts Rowland Hall this week and joins the big boys at school. I feel like college is right around the corner and I challenge myself to slow down and … Read more

Good news for home owners and home buyers!

What do you get, when you add foreclosure inventory dropping nationally, interest rates near 4% on a 30 year mortgage and home affordability still near all-time low? APPRECIATION and consistency in home values! I just love these National Foreclosure Inventory numbers, which are showing huge improvement! Thanks to KCMblog for this post.

Student loan debt shaping the future of home ownership

The Wall Street Journal got it right! Student loan debt is shaping the future generation of home ownership. Not only are clients uncomfortable leaving med school with 6 figures in debt and then packing another big six figure loan for a home, but even if they were comfortable with the debt structure, many cannot qualify due to how conventional loans count even deferred or zero payment student loans against their debt to income ratio. The take-away is more doctors, nurse … Read more

How Healthy is The Real Estate Market?

Before we get into the health of the market, I’d like to share a few adorable pictures from our July family adventures. We had a great trip to St. Louis, Missouri, where the kids enjoyed Six Flags Magic Mountain and the City Museum. Anyone who has not seen the City Museum owes it to themselves to check it out – it is insane. As the story goes, this old eccentric rich guy purchased a huge building in St. Louis and … Read more

Our June Report Card

Bill Gates- “We will always learn more from our biggest critic than we will from our biggest fan.” Don’t you just love that quote? I think I made it through about 15 pages of Business @ The Speed of Thought before filing it in my library (maybe one of my kids will read it one day). Honestly it was way over my head. However, 10 years after reading those 15 pages, that one lesson I took from the book is … Read more

Don’t put a stranger on the bus

Bill Hart talks about how you can talk to your client about why it is so important to you (and to them) to work with a lender that you as their Realtor, know and trust. This clip is great – be sure and watch this one minute video.

Our May Report Card

Sorry this is late, fortunately we have been very busy helping a record number of relocating physicians and dentists throughout June.  We’ve finally received and tabulated our Customer Satisfaction Questionnaires from May and it looks like another good month. Before we get into our grade for the month, allow me to explain the premise behind our monthly report card.  It really all boils down to three simple ideas: If our roles were reversed and I was the client, I would want … Read more

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