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How To Use Bitcoin for Mortgage Down Payment

How To Use Bitcoin for Mortgage Down Payment Hi friends. My name is Josh Mettle with Fairway Independent Mortgage. And today we’re gonna answer the question I’ve been getting about cryptocurrencies and bit-coining. Can this be used, can these funds be used in a mortgage transaction for down payment to closing costs? Now the reality is, with most mortgage lenders across the country, you can’t directly use the cryptocurrency as a down payment. What you’re gonna need to do is … Read more

Fundamentals Accelerating Home Values In 2018

Many of our clients are asking where home values are likely to go from here.   Is the real estate market ready to take a breather, or worse, are we entering another bubble? With home prices nationally above or near all time highs, it’s rational to exercise caution and pause before making a decision to enter the housing market; or making the decision to sell and move up to your dream home.  Before we prognosticate the future, let’s take a look … Read more

Tax Reform and its Potential Impact on Housing

Disclaimer: This guide is not meant to be a resource for tax advice but instead a resource for basic information concerning only certain aspects of the new tax code and how they may impact the real estate market. You should get tax advice from your accountant or tax preparer who will explain how the entire tax code will affect your personal return. This information comes immediately after the new tax code became law. Some of the information may be revised … Read more

FHA VS Conventional mortgage loans

Conventional and FHA loans saw significant loan limit increases in many counties across Utah. Below is the current loan limits for each county. We’d be honored to answer your questions and compete for your business. Conforming Loan Limits FHA Loan Limits If you are interested in more information regarding the differences between FHA and Conventional mortgage loans, please watch this short video: Would you be interested in searching for homes just like Realtors do? Up to 47% of the information … Read more

Salt Lake City and Utah now the gold standard!

In a Forbes article published today, Marian Salzman says: Utah is looking like the new benchmark for business and quality of life. A rash of new studies and rankings is proving that the Beehive State, and especially Salt Lake City, is increasingly the place to be. She goes on to state: In terms of job growth and economic performance, Utah ranked as the overall best performing state for the second year in a row, according to the U.S. Chamber of … Read more

October- November Report Cards

Our October/November report card is finally out! For those of you who are reading the report card for the first time, allow me to give you some history. I write the report card, directly from the client questionnaire that our clients fill out at the closing of their loan. This is raw, unfiltered feedback from our clients. Most of the time they tell us they loved us, sometimes they tell us we suck. Oddly, we learn more from the latter, … Read more

Our June Report Card

Bill Gates- “We will always learn more from our biggest critic than we will from our biggest fan.” Don’t you just love that quote? I think I made it through about 15 pages of Business @ The Speed of Thought before filing it in my library (maybe one of my kids will read it one day). Honestly it was way over my head. However, 10 years after reading those 15 pages, that one lesson I took from the book is … Read more

Don’t put a stranger on the bus

Bill Hart talks about how you can talk to your client about why it is so important to you (and to them) to work with a lender that you as their Realtor, know and trust. This clip is great – be sure and watch this one minute video.

Wow, The Top Ten Physician Specific Financial Books!

Wow, the White Coat Investor just created his top ten list of physician specific financial books and our book Why Physician Home Loans Fail – How to Avoid the Land Mines for a Flawless Home Purchase made the top ten! Pretty humbled to be on his list. As far as we are concerned, if you want to get the best advice on personal financing and investing for physicians, go read Jim’s book, The White Coat Investor: A Doctor’s Guide to … Read more

Provo and Salt Lake City named among best cities to age successfully

Nikki Buckelew,  Founder and CEO of the Seniors Real Estate Institute, has great insight into the Senior Market and she recently wrote a guest post on KCM Blog. In it, she talked about cities that come up in search results as best cities to age in place or best cities to retire in. She says: The Milken Institute, a non-partisan think tank, compiled a list in 2012 of the 259 Best Cities to Age Successfully. Another ranking is due later this … Read more

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