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We need you!

Utah Physician Home Loans is expanding and looking for one awesome experienced loan officer who loves life, creating insanely good experiences for clients, 100% transparency and excellence. If this describes you, it’s your lucky day. Your new passion awaits! Please use our contact us form or email your resume and why you are awesome to We look forward to meeting you!

Homeowners Net Worth Over 30 Time Greater Than Renters

Here is some great news to share with your clients: Over the last six years, homeownership has lost some of its allure as a financial investment. As homeowners suffered through the housing bust, more and more began to question whether owning a home was truly a good way to build wealth. A study by the Federal Reserve formally answered this question. Some of the findings revealed in their report: The average American family has a net worth of $77,300 Of … Read more

March Report Card

March was a great month for our group as a whole. We we’re able to help 27 families into their new homes and all but two of them were very happy and would use and refer us again. However, we fell short with two clients. As a reminder, this report card and the client satisfaction questionnaires are 100% real; we post the good, the bad and the ugly. Why? Good question, I’m glad you asked. Because we believe in total … Read more

Mettle Family Thailand Adventure, Lessons Learned

Here is a short video I made about our three month long adventure in Thailand. Whether you live in Salt Lake City, Park City, Provo or somewhere in between, you probably deal with the stress that our fast paced lives can bring along with the joys we experience too. I hope some of the lessons I learned will resonate with you. Hey, it’s Josh and I’m just back from a three month sabbatical in Thailand. And I thought I’d just … Read more

Our Report Card

The TRUTH is mortgage lending is tougher now than it has ever been. Underwriting guidelines have never been more complicated, there are more documentation requirements than I can ever remember, and now unlike any time in our nation’s history, we have legal restrictions and disclosure requirements coming from a half dozen government bureaucracies. It’s enough to drive you insane! Today clients face more red tape than ever before and it can cause the customer experience to be often less than … Read more

Top 10 Reasons To Hire A Real Estate Agent

Here is a great graphic to show potential clients why your service is essential for their real estate needs. Thanks to our good friends at KCM blog for this post.

My productivity secret weapon

I was recently interviewed by Bill Hart of Building Champions about my secret weapon for productivity; above is the recording and below is an excerpt from that interview… Bill Hart: Josh, of all the things that you do or the disciplines maybe that you’re engaged in, what one thing more than anything else would you say in all due humility is the thing that has produced the greatest results for you or you could point to as largely being responsible … Read more

Rise and shine – best motivational video ever

Watch this and get fired up! “So, believe that voice that says ‘you CAN run a little faster’ and that ‘you CAN throw a little harder’ and that ‘you CAN dive a little deeper’ and that, for you, the laws of physics are merely a suggestion.” “Luck is the last dying wish of those who wanna believe that winning can happen by accident. Sweat, on the other hand, is for those who know it’s a choice; so decide now, because … Read more

Utah Medical Association Financial Services Client Appreciation Party

Special thanks to all of the Utah Medical Association Financial Services clients and advisors for allowing Citywide Home Loans to sponsor and be a part of their annual client appreciation party.  We had a great time at Monsters University, Zander (my son), Hillary and my mom Cynthia, enjoyed the event and had a great time. UMA Financial Services (UMAFS) is a premier financial services company created for and owned by the 3,800 physician members of the Utah Medical Association and … Read more

Mortgage Rates Annihilated; Brief History of All-Time Lows

Here is a great article explaining what is happening to rates right now. Mortgage rates have seen better days.  If the past 2 months of calamitous volatility and almost daily cost hikes weren’t enough, today brings the Conventional 30yr Fixed best-execution rate to 4.25%–levels not seen since late 2011.  A move of this magnitude was one of the risks heading into today’s incredibly important FOMC events, but despite understanding that it was a possibility, it’s magnitude can still seem surreal … Read more

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