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Professional Home Loan Program

There has always been the myth out there that physician home loans are only available for those with an MD and DDS designation.  Well,  we’re here to destroy that myth!  While we do currently offer solutions and services for medical professionals not of those designations, we now have a much more expansive selection available! We are really excited to provide a new feature available not just for our standard physicians, but that can also specifically cater to CRNA’s, PA’s, DPT’s, … Read more

7 Insiders Tactics- How to Pay Less And Still Get Your Offer Accepted

7 Insiders Tactics- How to Pay Less And Still Get Your Offer Accepted It’s no secret, getting your offer accepted in today’s hyper competitive real estate market is no simple task. Inventory is low in most areas of the country and the competition for the best homes in the best neighborhoods is fierce. Most buyers you will be competing against (and their Realtors) only know one way to compete, which of course is with price. But like any game, there … Read more

Do doctor mortgages have mortgage insurance and what is MI?

Do doctor mortgages have mortgage insurance and really, what is mortgage insurance? It’s funny, I get clients all the time that we get into discussions and they say, “I want to make sure we avoid mortgage insurance.” And I say, “Do you know what mortgage insurance is?” And they say, “No.” So let’s just start there. First of all, mortgage insurance is a premium that you pay as the buyer, that protects the mortgage company. Basically, the mortgage company says, … Read more

Fundamentals Pushing Real Estate Prices Higher. Can A Doctor Mortgage Loan Help?

Most often our clients come to us for advice about doctor mortgage loans, but from time to time those same doctors also need to know about what is happening in the real estate market and is it the right time for them to buy.  There is an element of fear in many of the conversations I’ve been having with doctors recently stemming from current real estate values, which have just recently returned to pre-crash valuations in many areas of the … Read more

Should I buy a bigger, more costly home? How do I decide?

This is a Total Cost Analysis that I put together for a client that was contemplating moving up. And I’d like to have more of these discussions. But the truth is I need your help. I’d like to walk you through the presentation and at the end I’m going to invite you to let me know  if there’s any clients that you have that would like to have a similar type of analysis done for them. In the top left … Read more

Will higher mortgage rates slaughter the real estate market?

Thought you might be asking the same question that many of our clients are wondering: “What is the impact of higher rates on home values?” Let’s start with a quick quote, which I think sums it up nicely. The (rise in rates) was considerable, but no one should be all that alarmed, nor fear that the housing market will come to any kind of abrupt standstill. After all, rates are only about where they began 2016, and all expectations at … Read more

What is the cost of waiting to buy a home?

I’ve been getting a good amount of questions from clients asking about what’s going to happen with interest rates in the future, where are home values going in the future and what does that do to my buying power. So, I’ve put together this Total Cost Analysis as a case study to look at what the potential cost of waiting would look like. Please click here to watch this short presentation. First, let’s dive into some facts. if you look … Read more

Our core values and why we do what we do

Here is why we do what we and how we got started specializing in physician, dentist, CRNA and other medical professions home loans. Even if you’ve been turned down by another lender, give us a call! We believe in honoring all who seek our help by treating them with warmth, empathy and understanding. We exist to do unto others as we would have them do unto us if our roles were reversed. We accomplish this by offering trusted advice, anticipating … Read more

CRNA mortgage programs now available!

Hi and thanks for attending this brief overview of the Fairway CRNA mortgage program. This program was recently expanded to be available to CRNAs for our MD and DMD clients, so we’re really excited to share this program with you. I’m going to give you a brief overview of the program and try and iterpret some of the mortgage vernacular, if you will, some of the acronyms that we have. I would invite you to contact me – you’ll notice … Read more

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