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What Type of Loan is Best for Home Remodel or Renovation?

One of the questions that we get all the time is, what type of loan is best for home remodels or renovations or home improvements? We stumbled upon these interesting facts from Zillow comparing or asking potential home buyers what would they rather do. Would they rather renovate their existing home and make it just the way they like it and stay put, or would they rather buy a new home? I was actually shocked to see that 76% of … Read more

Powerball Blues Got You Down? INVEST IN REAL ESTATE!!

Do the Powerball blues got you down? Yeah, you didn’t win the billion dollars, but I’ve got a great consolation prize for you. It’s called investing in real estate, and unlike Powerball, there’s a lot of winners when it comes to investing in real estate. I know. I bought my first investment property when I was 21 years old, and that eight-plex at 21 years old that was work $350,000 at the time is now valued well over a million … Read more

Salt Lake City Residents, Turn your Current Home into a Cash Flow Machine!

How would you like to reduce your housing overhead & increase the value of your home? Salt Lake City Council just approved a city ordinance allowing mother-in-law accessory units.  Imagine turning your current home into a cash flow machine, helping you reduce your overall housing costs, or by building an accessory unit a family member could occupy. If this is appealing to you, the immediate challenge you may think of is how to finance the accessory unit.  We have the … Read more

Will the housing market survive the next economic slowdown?

The economic expansion that began in 2009 is the longest in American history.  Bull markets cannot run forever and at some point in the future (potentially the near future) the economy will need to pause to take a breather.  Like many of the clients I speak with, you may be wondering how the housing market will hold up if the economy goes into a recession. While it is impossible to predict the future with complete certainty, we can study the … Read more

How to Solve the Annoyingly Low Real Estate Inventory Problem & Build the Home of Your Dreams

How to Solve the Annoyingly Low Real Estate Inventory Problem & Build the Home of Your Dreams (Why an Existing-Home Construction Loan is the Answer) If you’re like many clients I speak with, your family may be ready for a home that better fits your needs.  It’s possible your family size has changed, your lifestyle and recreational interests have evolved, or your just plain old sick and tired of wasting hours of your life commuting. Unfortunately, the annoyingly low real … Read more

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