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What Is The Best Month To Buy A House (Three Ways You Can Save This Winter)?

The holidays are upon us, and more often than naught, prospective home buyers are putting their decision to purchase a new home on pause until after the New Year. Who can deal with all that stress during the holidays? I get it, buying a home during the winter can be a little more challenging, even uncomfortable to pack up and move during the holidays when our tendency is to slow down the pace and relax a little. If that resonates … Read more

Powerball Blues Got You Down? INVEST IN REAL ESTATE!!

Do the Powerball blues got you down? Yeah, you didn’t win the billion dollars, but I’ve got a great consolation prize for you. It’s called investing in real estate, and unlike Powerball, there’s a lot of winners when it comes to investing in real estate. I know. I bought my first investment property when I was 21 years old, and that eight-plex at 21 years old that was work $350,000 at the time is now valued well over a million … Read more

A Seller Paid Buy-Down is 300% BETTER Than a Price Reduction!

A seller paid interest rate reduction or buy down is 300% more effective than a price reduction and I can prove it. What’s happening right now is our clients are getting sticker shock because not only have home prices gone up but interest rates have moved up. In Utah, we’ve seen appreciation rates in the double digits and we’ve seen interest rates increase by about 1.25% over the last year, causing clients to pause at the monthly payment. What do … Read more

Why Should I Get Pre-Approved BEFORE Finding THE Home I Want? 

Why Should I Get Pre-Approved BEFORE Finding THE Home I Want? If you’re like many clients we speak with, going through the process of getting pre-approved, having your credit pulled, and supplying documentation, seems like too much work until you find THE home you want to buy. In a buyer’s market, where the number of sellers exceed the number of buyers, you can delay pre-approval, and in many cases write an offer and gets accepted by a seller without an … Read more

This Real Estate Bubble – Likely Isn’t a Bubble (11 Data-Driven Reasons Why You Should Buy Your Dream Home Immediately)

This Real Estate Bubble – Likely Isn’t a Bubble (11 Data-Driven Reasons Why You Should Buy Your Dream Home Immediately) If you’re like many clients I speak with, you probably believe we are on the brink of a real estate crash and you are asking yourself if you should try to time the market or buy now.  Here are a few of the common myths about the current real estate situation that many people believe: Prices are at an all-time … Read more

The Behind the Scenes of how Mortgage Lenders , Brokers, and Realtors get Paid – What you Don’t Know Might Surprise You! 

If you are like many of the clients we work with, you’re likely unclear how mortgage and real estate professionals are paid.  You might even assume that because you are a doctor, the eyes get big and the real estate or mortgage person you are working with only sees dollar signs, and since this is not your area of expertise, you may have some concerns. Here are a few comments we hear from clients regularly: “I’m not going to use … Read more

This Real Estate Bubble – Likely Isn’t a Bubble

This Real Estate Bubble – Likely Isn’t a Bubble: 11 Data-Driven Reasons Why You Should Buy Your Dream Home Immediately Earlier this year I sat as an attendee at the WCI conference, also known as the Physician Wellness and Financial Literacy Conference in Park City, UT.  I was approached by a physician attendee who recognized me and asked: “Josh – when will the real estate bubble pop?” He went on to explain that his young family had outgrown their home and were … Read more

Americans Sitting on Trillions of Tappable Equity

Like many of our clients, you are likely sitting on a substantial amount of equity in your home after the last few years of near record appreciation.  Maybe you’re asking yourself if there is a way to tap that equity and use it in a more economically productive way (more on that below).  Black Night just reported that Americans are sitting on a record amount of tappable equity, currently estimated to be in excess of $5,420,000,000,000 ($5.42 Trillion in tappable … Read more

Can I Use My Home Equity for a Down Payment?

“Can you use a home equity line of credit as a down payment to purchase a new home or a new investment property?” That’s a question we get all the time, and the simple answer is yes. That is absolutely an allowable source of funds. Most mortgage underwriting guidelines will allow you to borrow money to be used for a down payment, provided that that money is securitized or collateralized by an asset. If you have a free and clear … Read more

17 Day Close Guarantee!

It’s no secret that there is a massive shortage of housing across the country. As a partner, we think it’s our responsibility to help you get your offer accepted in a really competitive real estate market. We work very closely with your real estate agent to make sure that we craft the most competitive offer humanly possible. The question we ask ourself is, if we put ourselves in the seller’s shoes, what could we do to make them feel the … Read more

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