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7 Insiders Tactics- How to Pay Less And Still Get Your Offer Accepted

7 Insiders Tactics- How to Pay Less And Still Get Your Offer Accepted It’s no secret, getting your offer accepted in today’s hyper competitive real estate market is no simple task. Inventory is low in most areas of the country and the competition for the best homes in the best neighborhoods is fierce. Most buyers you will be competing against (and their Realtors) only know one way to compete, which of course is with price. But like any game, there … Read more

What is a physician home loan and do I qualify while in training?

In the simplest terms, a physician home loan has more liberal underwriting guidelines, whereas conventional and FHA loans are underwritten to more rigid and inflexible underwriting guidelines. Conventional and FHA loans are rarely the best solution for a young physician in training. The Conventional Loan Conventional loans are purchased by government sponsored enterprises such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Over 95 percent of the loans in the country are purchased by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, or Ginnie Mae and … Read more

Is the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program going to end?

  We were fortunate to have Jan Miller, a student loan expert on our Physician Financial Success podcast, and he talked about whether the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program was going to end. Watch this short clip from his very informative interview about student loans, IBR, the REPAY program and many other topics of interest to doctors. Josh Mettle: Tell me what do you think that overriding intention is with Repay. I mean they made a pretty substantial change in … Read more

Dr. John Ramey – should residents avoid buying a home?

Josh Mettle: That’s a great point. A couple of thoughts: I agree with you. It’s absolutely an individual decision, and I think that the comments on some of the websites that just talk about avoiding buying a house as a resident misses the mark just a little bit, although I do believe it’s well-intentioned. But where I think it misses the mark is, if you have two kids and two dogs, good luck trying to find a rental property. It … Read more

DrWiseMoney on Physician Financial Success podcast

Please tune in to hear our latest episode of the Physician Financial Success podcast. We had such fun talking with Dr. Amanda Liu who is the creator and blogger for Amanda is a PGY2 at Banner University Medical Center and her blog serves to leverage her voice as she achieves her financial goals of purchasing a home, paying off student loans, maxing out retirement savings, and becoming retirement eligible by 2023. Dr. Liu was generous enough to share: how … Read more

Location matters when residents want to sell to other residents

John Ramey: One of the things I always try to tell medical students and residents is you really, like you said earlier, you need to know the neighborhoods that residents live in because if you pick a neighborhood that residents like to live in, then the likelihood you’ll be able to sell to a resident increases a lot. Also a lot of times the values of those neighborhoods go up more too, so. We pick good neighborhoods that people like … Read more

Dr John Ramey, on Physician Financial Success podcast

On this episode, we are grateful to have Dr. John Ramey from with us. Listen in to hear Dr. Ramey talk about the advice he gives to medical students and residents about: What to look for so that you can sell your home when you are ready to move Why neighborhood may be more important than the home itself different strategies for renting out a room to cover your mortgage or utility costs and help protect your investment in … Read more

Is real estate a good investment for doctors?

Josh Mettle: One of the most common questions I get from the docs we work with and even members on the board is asking advice around if they should invest in real estate as a means of diversifying their retirement strategy and having cash flow long-term. Now we’ve already heard your thoughts on where real estate values are heading, but tell us a little bit more about any insights you might have in regards to where rents are headed over … Read more

Homeowner’s net worth in 2016 45x greater than a renter

Did you catch what our headline said? It bears repeating: A homeowner’s net worth in 2016 will be 45 times greater than a renter’s net worth: Every three years the Federal Reserve conducts a Survey of Consumer Finances in which they collect data across all economic and social groups. The latest survey, which includes data from 2010-2013, reports that a homeowner’s net worth is 36 times greater than that of a renter ($194,500 vs. $5,400). In a recent Forbesarticle the … Read more

Josh Mettle on Freedom Formula for Physicians Podcast

Tune in to hear Josh Mettle talk about what makes RE Investing so lucrative, what to avoid and who to assemble on your team to succeed in Real Estate Investing. Josh Mettle: For the Physician Financial Success Podcast, my name is Josh Mettle, and this is the podcast dedicated to advising physicians how to avoid financial landmines. Today, we’re going to be doing something just a little bit different. I was recently asked to join a friend of mine, Dave … Read more

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