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There’s More to a Bubble Than Rising Home Prices

What truly causes a housing bubble and the inevitable crash? For the best explanation, let’s go to a person who correctly called the last housing bubble – a year before it happened.   “A bubble requires both overvaluation based on fundamentals and speculation. It is natural to focus on an asset’s fundamental value, but the real key for detecting a bubble is speculation…Speculation tends to chase appreciating assets, and then speculation begets more speculation, until finally, for some reason that … Read more

FHA VS Conventional mortgage loans

Conventional and FHA loans saw significant loan limit increases in many counties across Utah. Below is the current loan limits for each county. We’d be honored to answer your questions and compete for your business. Conforming Loan Limits FHA Loan Limits If you are interested in more information regarding the differences between FHA and Conventional mortgage loans, please watch this short video: Would you be interested in searching for homes just like Realtors do? Up to 47% of the information … Read more

Salt Lake City and Utah now the gold standard!

In a Forbes article published today, Marian Salzman says: Utah is looking like the new benchmark for business and quality of life. A rash of new studies and rankings is proving that the Beehive State, and especially Salt Lake City, is increasingly the place to be. She goes on to state: In terms of job growth and economic performance, Utah ranked as the overall best performing state for the second year in a row, according to the U.S. Chamber of … Read more

FHA announces their 2015 county loan limits!

FHA has announced the 2015 county loan limits. Please click here to see them. If you have any questions regarding FHA loans, please call Josh Mettle at 801-747-1210.

Common Physician Retirement Planning Mistakes

Dr. Steven Podnos MD, MBA, CFP(R) talked about common physician retirement planning mistakes when he visited with Josh on the Physician Financial Success podcast.

Rent Increases Expected to Continue through 2015

CNBC’s Diana Olick recently reported that rents in the residential housing sector continued to rise in 2014. She interviewed Jed Kolko, Chief Economist at Trulia, who revealed: “Rents are rising because of strong demand that supply hasn’t kept up with. Nearly all the new households are renters, and young people moving out of their parents’ homes will keep fueling rental demand.” Where are rents headed in 2015?

Good news for home owners and home buyers!

What do you get, when you add foreclosure inventory dropping nationally, interest rates near 4% on a 30 year mortgage and home affordability still near all-time low? APPRECIATION and consistency in home values! I just love these National Foreclosure Inventory numbers, which are showing huge improvement! Thanks to KCMblog for this post.

Student loan debt shaping the future of home ownership

The Wall Street Journal got it right! Student loan debt is shaping the future generation of home ownership. Not only are clients uncomfortable leaving med school with 6 figures in debt and then packing another big six figure loan for a home, but even if they were comfortable with the debt structure, many cannot qualify due to how conventional loans count even deferred or zero payment student loans against their debt to income ratio. The take-away is more doctors, nurse … Read more

How Healthy is The Real Estate Market?

Before we get into the health of the market, I’d like to share a few adorable pictures from our July family adventures. We had a great trip to St. Louis, Missouri, where the kids enjoyed Six Flags Magic Mountain and the City Museum. Anyone who has not seen the City Museum owes it to themselves to check it out – it is insane. As the story goes, this old eccentric rich guy purchased a huge building in St. Louis and … Read more

Home price appreciation over 30 years

Thought this was cool information for your clients who are looking at new homes. Wow, 2007 – 2012 was brutal! Thanks to KCM blog for this infographic.

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